Luxembourg – exhibitions info

by the attendees of the photography workshops of the Polish Culture Festival as well as the members of the CIEL Club. Luxembourg seen from an entirely new and unconventional perspective!

Ireneusz Graff (curator), Magda Ziembowska, Łukasz Koźma, Marcin Wierzbicki
and CIEL members:
Katarzyna Ziembowska, Orit Israelson, Maciej Markiewicz, György Papp, Arnaud Pivet
about photographers in 3 languages

About the exhibition

The photography exposition, which we would like to present to you, is the effect of the intense work done by the attendees of the workshops and open air photography of Irek Graff from 2015 and 2016. Some of the authors are decidedly beginers (at the time!), and some are professionals with a rich and interesting portfolio. On the photos you will find Luxembourg in an entirely unknown perspective, or in a famous environment shown in an unconventional way. Keeping the theme in mind, the landscape and detailed nature or architecture are the dominant works made by the attendees of the workshops lead by Irek Graff.

As one of the priorities of the Polish Culture Festival is to bring together Polish and Luxembourgish culture, we invite you to co-operate with us through your own creations at the Luxembourgish Photography Club European Union Institution in Luxembourg (CIEL).
Curator of the exhibition: Ireneusz Graff

Photo gallery:

Authors – opening of the exhibitions (photo Jean-Baptiste Bertrand)

From the exhibition in the Bourscheid castle
-September 2018 (photo Irek Graff):

Exhibition opening and a choir concert in Stolzemburger House, Bourscheid
September 23, 2018, photo György Papp

Opening of the Stolzemburger House
October 2, 2018 (photo: Marcin Wierzbicki)

Full photo report:


Luksemburg, PROM
Exhibition opening with Ambassador Conrad Bruch, photo: Wojtek Mann, Warsaw, PROM
Photo: Wojtek Mann, Warsaw, PROM
Photo: Wojtek Mann, Warsaw, PROM
Exhibition opening with professor Wojciech Wolf (Honorary Consul), Łódź
Exhibition opening, Olsztyn
Photo lecture about the exhibition and Luxembourg, Olsztyn

Exhibition list:

Luxembourg, Bourscheid Castle, Stolzemburger House

The first presentation – The Festival of Polish Culture in Luxembourg

Diplomatic Festival in II Secondary School in Białystok

The Day of the Grand Duchy

Warsaw, PROM Culture House Saska Kępa,
Frankofonia Festival,

photo report – opening
info PL

26.03 – 30.05.2019
Olsztyn, Polish-French Centre

Côtes d’Armor-Warmia i Mazury
opening of the exhibition and photo lecture about Luxembourg
Frankofonia Festival
otwarcie – fotorelacja

13.06 – 20.08.2019
Łódź -Alliance Française

The next presentations are in preparation.
If you are interested, contact me please.

Festival catalogue, Luxembourg

Technical info about the exhibition:

Frames: 38
– with two with maps and information abiut the presented places
– with 4 squares 48×48 cm and 32 rectangels 48×68 cm
(14 vertical).
Together: 47 photos of 9 author s presented single or as sets (8 frames).

The prints are attached toi light PCV board and laminated.
In black aluminium frames with two hooks.

More info: Irek Graff, 48 606-141-688

Foto: Andrzej Grzelak, wernisaż wystawy foto Piękny Luksemburg, Łódź